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For those of you think that shopaholics only apply to women, it is time to eat your words – meet Paul Brockman, a 78 year old who purchased 55,000 dresses for his wife over the past 56 years. That’s an average of almost 1000 a year, and more or less 3 dresses a day. Talk about excessive.

And this is only a part of his collection.
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Paul’s wife, Margot, wasn’t much of a shopper, and she despised having to go out and sift through a dozen factory-manufactured clothes to pick one for herself. The two of them had originated from Germany and moved to the US to escape the unstable political situation in their own country, and start a new life in the Land of Opportunity. Slowly working his way up from a construction worker, Paul eventually started a construction company which brought in the bucks for his ridiculous hobby. Being his own boss, Paul would happily go shopping before, during and after work, and bring home sometimes up to 30 dresses at the end of the day for his wife to wear.

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Margot being practical and all, of course did not endorse this behaviour. So instead of quitting his dress shopping, he continued buying them and hiding them from his wife, until one day, their daughter, Louise, paid her old folks a visit and discovered a mountain of clothes hidden in the garage. Poor girl. Having no intention of inheriting this mound of clothing collection, Louise put her foot down and is now painstakingly sorting out the dresses to be sold off.

How long it would take to sell 55,000 dresses, I have no idea. May the force be with them.


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