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Hot on the heels of NBCUniversal’s highly successful High Heeled Warriors research on female Pay-TV viewers, the network has announced plans to roll out its inaugural High Heeled Warrior Awards. The High Heeled Warrior Awards will recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in Asia who have contributed to society in their industry and community, and have made an impact in the lives of many around them.

High Heeled Warrior Awards will be rolled out today and spearheaded digitally. It aims to honor women in different fields such as Entrepreneurship, Arts & Entertainment, Community Service and Unsung Heroes. Luxury fashion and fragrance brand Hugo Boss is lending its support to further the cause of High Heeled Warriors, where women are approaching their expectations of life with increasing power and capability.

The High Heeled Warriors research categorizes women across Asia in five different groups. These are the unique career-focused ‘Trailblazers,’ the spontaneous ‘Passionistas,’ the well-connected ‘Social-siders,’ the fiercely loyal ‘Peace-Keepers’ and the loving and family-oriented ‘Heart-Warmers.’ The High-Heeled Warrior Awards targets women who fit into these respective groups, showing how they have empowered themselves and the women around them, and also to celebrate their roles and contribution to society.

In the Arts & Entertainment category, host and former editor of Elle Magazine Anita Kapoor, supermodel Lisa Selesner, Malaysian actress Lisa Surihani and owner of creative agency Present Purpose Tracy Phillips have been nominated for their involvement in projects that stretch across the screens, theatres, large-scaled events and concert halls. These are the women defined by recognition and admiration from the public and for industry endorsements as well.

Filling the Entrepreneurship category, are Plukka Jewelry founder Joanne Ooi, boutique hotel owner Yenn Wong, founder of Malaysian fashion brands  KLutched and ShoeShoesShoes Ung Yiu Lin and Tjin Lee, Managing Director of Mercury Marketing & Communications. Coupled by their own success of innovation and creativity, these women have made a name for themselves in the corporate world from remaining on top and running their own home grown businesses.

The third category is to recognize our passionate women whom have devoted themselves to volunteer work and dedicated their lives to help others. LEAP Spiral founder and Executive Director Cynthia Ong, Co-founder of a non-profit organization Fugee School Deborah Henry, Programme Director of FilmAid Asia in Thailand Mary Soan and Pia Bruce, Executive Director at National Committee for UNIFEM Singapore, are the women who fall under Community Service category. These are women whom are not only defined by their activity and commitment to helping the less fortunate, but also for their vast contribution to society and to help bettering it.

Nominations for the first three categories have been shortlisted by a panel of judges. The judging panel will be led by Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific of Universal Networks Internation, Todd Forest, Executive Producer Asia Pacific, Microsoft Online Media and

Publishing, Singapore, Ruth Yeo, Executive Director at YTL Singapore Pte Ltd and Director at YTL-SV Carbon Sdn Bhd and Diana Ser, who spearheads a communication consulting and media training company.

Women who have made a significant impact and positive difference to society and to the life of those around them fall in the last category; The Unsung Heroes. These women selflessly help others and don’t expect to be recognized for their hard work by their peers or even by their pay. The public is encouraged to submit nominations from 27 August to 8 September as to who they think should be considered an Unsung Hero. Voting for all categories will then be opened to public from 9 to 29 September via Winners will be announced on-air on both DIVA Universal and E! Entertainment’s Facebook Pages, and also online by MSN.

The Awards will also heighten awareness of the importance in the roles which women play in society- from business, arts, entertainment, community service and education.

Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Universal Network International says, “The roles that women play today have great impact on the lives of people around them and in society. We believe women in Asia are High Heeled Warriors as they face growing expectations with increasing intelligence, independence and power. As the entertainment network that delivers global brands women love and look up to, the High Heeled Warrior Awards is our avenue of honoring women and their laudable achievements in life.”

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