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Cubicle warfare and pranks of some kind or other is inevitable in most offices. From paper planes, to the notorious chemical weapon otherwise known as the fart, there is a certain sense of fun in defending your space and seeking a little payback. While rubberbands and office supplies usually supply adequate ammo, some folks turn cubicle warfare into a whole new game, with a wide variety of gadgets and gizmos produced for the elitist office troll.

Automatic Rubber Band Guns
Produced by Japanese company Oggcraft, a huge variety are available with some monsters able to fire up to 504 rounds.


If you like precise shots and have a quick draw, the handgun can’t go wrong.




“And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.” – Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction.

USB Missile
Yup, you read right, these babies are for real. Many come with attached cameras to look over walls and aid in your hunt for unsuspecting prey. Quite a number of manufacturers exist, and they typically cost around US$40.



USB BB Sniper
Maybe the rockets were too weak for your liking, and you really want to dish out some pain. Heck, maybe you’re the boss and want to wake up the narcoleptic receptionist without making a scene. This source of endless fun costs about US$100.



Laser Trip Wires
Yup, just like in the movies, they trigger an alarm if anyone inadvertently crosses them. These nifty devices to protect whatever stash it is you have are by SpyNet and cost about US$40.



Sonic Grenade
This one packs a punch, and it would be best if you run after dropping this one. Someone will most definitely get pissed off… considering it ‘rings’ at a bloody 115 decibles. What’s more, this one is pretty cheap at just US9.99.



Cube Sheild
Hey, maybe you’re a victim in all of this and need to defend your ‘nest’ and sanity. While you build up that passive aggressive rage for that epic flip out, you might want to give these a go:
The come in all sorts of colours too, just like umbrellas.

Disclaimer: 360 Celsius will not be responsible for your actions and their consequences should you decide to use any of the listed devices.



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