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Most of us are glued to computers and the internet on a daily basis for work, via a multitude of devices from desktop PCs to cellphones. That said, internet addiction is gaining more attention, and the reasons behind addiction extend beyond the commonly mentioned porn and gambling – with gaming, chatting, emailing and obsessively checking your social network feed are all forms of addiction. While most of us think we’re not at risk of addiction, it is scary to know that we can unconciously become addicted, and it does apparently have ill effects on the brain and behaviour.

Like this video so kindly explains:



With the various known factors now known surrounding addiction, a hospital in the U.S and a number of other centres actually claim it is possible to treat the addiction. After lightening your wallet some US$14,000, you will get to enjoy an exclusive 10 day program with four other inmates… I mean patients, where you will be cut off from the Internet (obviously) and will be subjected to tests, therapy and various psychological evaluations to help you identify your problem areas and kick your bad habit.

Thankfully Internet addiction is not officially recognised by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — meaning there’s a very low chance any of us are going to be dragged away in a straight jacket any time soon kicking and screaming. Also, if you are actually thinking of spending US$14,000 on such treatment, you could always go on an epic vacation instead.

Fine, if you really need to check if you’re an addict, click here. I’m going to stay blissfully in denial.





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