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ti ferrari front blk v8i_High Res

Vertu, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end luxury mobile phones, is proud to announce the launch of the limited edition VERTU Ti Ferrari. The exclusive handset combines Vertu’s pioneering design, modern technology and luxury services with
bespoke Ferrari materials and specially curated Ferrari content; only 2013 of these luxurious and handcrafted VERTU Ti Ferrari phones will be released.

ti ferrari 34r blk v8i_High ResThe Vertu design team worked closely with Ferrari Design Director, Flavio Manzoni, in developing the concept for the VERTU Ti Ferrari and took design cues from the ergonomic lines of the Ferrari F12berlinetta, which is reflected in the shape of the phone. Authentic Ferrari materials have also been integrated into the design, lending both luxury experience as well as functional benefit; the handset is wrapped in the same finely stitched Ferrari leather that adorns the car’s cabin, whilst the handset pillow features the distinctive Ferrari carbon weave using coloured AlutexTM composite. Metal elements of the phone are protected by a Diamond Like Coating (DLC) similar to that used to protect the engine components of the F12berlinetta. As implied by the name, the value of such coatings accrues from its ability to provide hardness and wear resistance that renders it virtually scratch-proof.

Massimiliano Pogliani, Vertu CEO, said: “We are delighted to once again partner with Ferrari – an iconic brand that shares our passion for design, craftsmanship and performance. With the VERTU Ti Ferrari, we have together created a new mobile phone that embodies these values perfectly. We continue on our on-going commitment to offering our customers an intriguing insight into the exciting world of Ferrari.”

Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari Design Director, added: “It is always exciting for Ferrari to work with Vertu; we share the same values for craftsmanship and excellence of performance. By collaborating together in the design of the VERTU Ti Ferrari, we have created a model of phone which encompasses aspects of design unique to the Ferrari brand.”

ti ferrari front rear blki_High Res

The VERTU Ti Ferrari features a Ferrari app, unique to Vertu, which consolidates content from the world of Ferrari into a single place. A live feed from the Ferrari Magazine website delivers new Ferrari content as soon as it is available alongside all Ferrari social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, a Ferrari dealership locator delivers a list of nearby Ferrari dealerships, as well as authorized garages and service centres, to ensure worldwide access to Ferrari wherever the customer may be. These bespoke Ferrari features are accompanied by Vertu CONCIERGE and Vertu LIFE; a range of uniquely curated services, providing Vertu owners with instant, personalised news, information and assistance wherever they may be in the world. These services are
complemented by Vertu CERTAINTY, which protects our customer’s assets, privacy and data through the use of best in class technology and dedicated experts.

The VERTU Ti Ferrari application is available in three languages, English, Italian and Chinese and features a Ferrari inspired home-screen clock, four specially created ringtones and eight Ferrari wallpapers.

Meticulously crafted from the most luxurious of materials, VERTU Ti Ferrari is built by a single Vertu craftsman, whose signature is engraved in the handset as an assurance of Vertu’s commitment to quality.

All of Vertu’s products are handmade at their manufacturing facility in Hampshire, England, where a workforce of over 500 people designs, assembles and markets the phones. Unlike mainstream products, Vertu phones are renowned for using premium materials such as stainless steel, titanium, leather and crystal sapphire screens, rendering their devices both highly tactile and extremely durable.

ti ferrari low side blk v8i_High Res

Priced at RM48,000 the new Vertu Ti Ferrari can be found in Vertu Boutiques Malaysia, from October 2013.



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