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son_doong_cave (5)

A pristine jungle awaits explorers some 3 kilometers inside the world’s biggestdong – Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. While the entrance to the massive cave has been known since 1991, the bloke who found it never went in, due to it’s steep 80 meter drop. It was only in 2009 that British explorers mustered the courage to begin investigating, and eventually stumbled upon the unspoiled jungle within, which is now open to tourists at US$3,000 per pop.

Echo…echo… echo…

They call these cave pearls… more like ‘balls’ if you ask me.

Highlights include actually staying in the cave, and checking out geological marvels such as pristine rivers, fields of algae from ancient pools, and rare cave pearls – as you make your way to the hidden jungle which resulted from a part of the cave roof collapsing centuries ago. This accident allowed sunlight and mother nature to do her thing. Referred to by explorers as the ‘Garden of Edam’, this hidden enclave is home to several (until recently) undiscovered species of plantlife, and exotic creepy crawlies.

(cue) majestic movie theme.

That said, we wish extremely bad karma upon you should you even think of littering or vandalising the place. There’s always a chance of albino mole people watching you and kidnapping you as you sleep in the cave. Just saying.







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