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When going out for a meal, whether it’s grabbing a bite during lunch from the office or a romantic dinner for two, three major aspects define the eating experience. Good food, comfort and ambience. When any one of these fails, the whole thing is ruined and becomes a cautionary tale to be repeated at dinners and among friends and acquaintances for years to come. With that in mind, knowing how invaluable word of mouth can be in breaking or making a restaurant’s reputation, the owners of House restaurant and bar set out not only to fulfil the three criteria’s of a good eating experience, but to exceed them.


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Located in G Tower, House was established in 2010 and was designed to integrate the three major eatery themes together into a more synchronous flow. The restaurant, the winery and last but not least, the bar. An undertaking fraught with difficulty at the best of times. Since they each cater to a particular clientele and each comes with its own atmosphere and subculture, if you will. This three-in-one philosophy is reflected in the layout of the restaurant. The major theme is of laid back casualness. The Winery is set at the middle level. A broad and varied selection of wines is on offer. The bottles are neatly displayed standing up with their labels facing outwards. To enhance the ambience and decor, two trees were placed, allowing a sense of nature to accompany the sipping of the wines. To further promote the culture of wine drinking House even offers classes on wine to members of the public.

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The lowest level is where the Bar is set. To contrast the soothing tones of the other areas, a dash of colour is added to the interior. The bar itself is in dark wood as are the stools and pub tables. Lighting is kept at a minimum, adding to the cosy intimate atmosphere. To complete the feel, greenery is strategically positioned throughout the venue. The exterior of the bar still maintains the dark furnishing, but other than that, it keeps to the same tones as the other floors with light creamy floor panelling and walls. Emphasising that despite the separation into levels and sections, House is a unified whole and is all about casualness and unimpeded flow.


The menu is described as ‘an assimilation between East and West’. Taking into account the eclectic nature of the Asian palate, where some do not consume beef while others prefer fish, it was necessary and even desirable to mingle and fuse together different dishes and cuisine styles in the process creating something original, yet capable of appealing to all tastes and preferences. Prepared by chefs with previous experience working in five-star Singaporean hotels, House prides itself on having virtually no artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers in their dishes.Flavours come from homemade stocks and seasonings. The natural sweetness of the sorbets is allowed to flourish in juices and smoothies, undiluted by added sugar.


This nod towards casual eclecticism is not only apparent in style, decor, instruments and menu served but also in the range of their clientele. During the working week House primarily but not exclusively caters to office workers nipping in for their mid-day daily lunch. And is just as accommodating to them when they come in to unwind along with the after hour crowd after a hard day’s work in the evening. On weekends. House welcomes families and those just looking for a great place with great food to eat. 

The restaurant also hosts corporate functions and important events such as product launches. And its location makes it ideal in attracting not only local patrons, but also those from the expat community. The three-in-one concept and commitment to fulfilling the three aspects of the dining experience ensures House attracting greater interest as word of mouth spreads. In the end, what patrons value are delicious food, comfortable surroundings and facilities to eat them in, and a suitable ambience to make the meal a truly memorable one. The House restaurant and bar offers these in spades.

For more information, check out their Facebook Page or G Tower website.





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