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Don’t you just wish your smartphone’s battery life could last longer?

Most of the time, it feels as if the battery juice only lasts about an hour or so before you need to recharge again. Gaming is the number one culprit behind this drain and to tackle that problem, the tech geniuses at a little known company called Lucid have just invented a nifty new software calledGameXtend.

This proprietary software will prolong a phone’s battery life between 50 – 100 percent when used for gaming. Great news for all you gamers and bored commuters! While the actual workings behind the software remain a closely guarded trade secret, Company President Offir Remez has hinted that it’s related to the device’s screen performance.

Samsung has just licensed this software and is starting to use this new tech in their own version of the Android 4.3 kernel OS. It’s being tested on the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 right now and if successful, it is very likely that Samsung enthusiasts can look forward to this technology being used in its other products in the near future.




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