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New Picture (5)

Imagine this: you’re running late for work, you barely have time to squeeze in a shower, and it really looks like you’re going have to skip your makeup routine. Pfft, who needs make up when you have this creepy slap-on Uniface mask?

For just under USD 400 you can get a pair of giant anime eyes, a high nose bridge, long eyelashes, narrow chin and cheeks all in one human like mask without even having to go through any nip and tuck. Considering going under the knife to tweak your face into perfection is just silly. Plastic surgery not only costs a bomb, the risks are high and the results are never guaranteed to be what you picture it, unlike Unimask where you can definitely be guaranteed of an eerie face, without a single doubt in mind.

With Unimask’s Chinese “bionic-skin” that you attach to your face with its “Cell-blending” glue, you won’t even have to worry about feeling suffocated behind the mask as the pores of the mask is breathable, plus it feels completely natural – almost like you’re wearing someone else’s skin above your face. And no, this is not disturbing at all so shut up. And also, if you’re worried about looking like a victim of a stroke, expressionless and blank, fret not as apparently natural face movements are all possible with this mask, although the pictures displayed seem to only have a “I-will-eat-your-heart-out-while-staring-you-down-with-my-dead-and-unblinking-eyes” look. Or maybe it’s just me?

Here, see for yourself.

New Picture (4)
Yes that is totally a ‘natural’ expression……of a psychopath

 New Picture (2)
The trick is to never look it in the eye.

 New Picture (3)

All images from unifacemask.com





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