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Being a recently converted Mac user, I never truly understood what the hype with Steve Jobs was all about. That was until I saw this movie biography on how he built Apple into the innovative tech lifestyle giant it is today.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just a story of how our favorite brand came to be and this sure as heck isn’t just a tale about computers; It’s a story of how his determination, leadership and creativity brought his vision to life and revolutionized the way people saw computers.

Back then, there was no such things as personal computers. What people used were bulky mainframe computers and trust me, it sometimes took a forklift or even a crane to move these multi-ton monsters around. Now we have laptops weighing a kilogram and a half, thanks to inventiveness of one determined man and his plan to create products for markets that haven’t even existed yet.

Admittedly, this movie may or may not be factually accurate. Fans and critics can argue about this until the cows come home but one fact does remain: it is truly an inspirational story for anyone who dreams about becoming an entrepreneur one day.

One man, one vision and loads of determination, that’s what it takes to make dreams into reality.





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