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Few people are born with a rock-steady grip and that’s why we use tripods and braces when taking photos or videos. A shaky video can ruin your whole day, not to mention piss off your clients. Any professional photographer worth his salt can also tell you that the sheer amount of gear you have to carry to take a steady shot can be a real pain.

So what’s the solution?

Try the Stealthy by VariZoom.

It’s an all-in-one mini tripod, brace, camera stabilizing rig and also a monopod. Sounds like a photographer’s wet dream? Read on…

It’s made from lightweight aluminum and can support cameras and videocams of up to 1.4kg in weight. If you happen to have a heavier piece of gear, no worries. An add-on module can increase maximum load to 2.3kg.

It’s designed like a Transformer and can have many different configurations to support different usage types. For example, in the Brace position, a single leg can be extended with the foot resting on your chest to give 3 points of contact with your body. In the same configuration, it can also be used as a tripod on a flat surface.

It can also be used as a stabilizing rig by simply disconnecting the bottom end of its handle from the rest of the unit. The leg becomes a counterweight as the handle’s gimbal mount allows it to be moved around without causing too much shake to the camera.

After use, it can be folded up and hung on your body through the thoughtful inclusion of a hip hook.

This cool rig is available for sale on its company website for US$299.


Stealthy 1

Stealthy 2Stealthy 3



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