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If there’s one thing I absolutely hate about cellphones, it’s the need to constantly upgrade them – what with their rapid evolution and all. You just can’t hang on to one for even a year without it getting outdated. Defiantly, I stuck to a Seimens C60 for the longest time, in protest, until one day, a generous soul paid heed to my plight, and donated his old Samsung Galaxy Y. Reluctantly, I accepted my first ‘smartphone’ and to this day, do not use it for anything more than calls, messages, the alarm and recorder for interviews on the job.

The trusty C60. It charged fast, and doubled up as a bludgeoning weapon.

Now, I’ve always wished I could simply upgrade my phone the same way I do my PC. However, clearly, manufacturers are hellbent on market monopoly, with some selfishly creating products under their brand that refuse to work on other platforms. This, and the fast pace at which cellphone technology goes out of date results in a helluva lot of waste, with millions, if not billions of users just throwing away their outdated mobile devices each year.

Presenting a solution to this dilemma are Phonebloks – the brainchild of Dave Hakkens, which aims to produce cellphones that are highly customisable and upgradable – while being so kind as to allow other brands to create components for its platform. Depending on your lifestyle needs, you can easily attach the components you really need and swap them for better ones when they go out of date. It’s brilliant really, and we sincerely hope his idea catches on and becomes a reality soon.

Check it out:




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