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We’ve seen a multitude of innovations which help ensure safety for cyclists – ranging from old-school dynamo lights to glow in the dark vests. Taking things a step further are Revolights – an innovation which allows you to be seen from 360 degrees, and with lights so trippy there’s no excuse not to notice them. To achieve this effect, four narrow LED rings in white and red are mounted on both front and rear wheels of a bicycle. Powered by (USB rechargable) lithium-ion batteries, the battery pack is light weight, and a fork-mounted magnet with an accelerometer synchronises light projected to your speed.



Unlike conventional lights, which focus on a limited radius, Revolights fully illuminate your sides and the path ahead – while having a lower point of origin at the wheelbase allows you to see the shadows of otherwise unnoticeable obstacles in the dark such as stones. What’s more, they are easy to apply and are water resistant too. So what are you waiting for? Get them to pimp up that two-wheeler of yours, and arm a friend with a camera locked on low-shutter speed!




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