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Are you a budding EDM producer, with beats and melodies in your head you wish you could make real? Well, short of investing in a hefty studio setup, there are numerous gadgets that allow you to get those creative juices flowing and dish out some serious dance tracks – be you an amateur or pro. The Korg Volca Seriesaims to provide a compact workstation, with just about everything you need to manipulate beats, rythms and melodies.

A series of three true-analog synthesizers – this series presents the Volca Keys lead synthesizer, the Volca Bass synthesizer, and the Volca Beats rhythm machine – which are packed with fat, warm sounds distinct to their larger analogue cousins which remain a top choice among producers the world over. Each device comes with sequencing and recording capabilities, allowing you to save your progress as you go along, and to put on a show whenever the need arises. Equipped with classic sync in/out ports, and a MIDI in, you can mix and match them with your other KORG devices to explore new sonic possiblities, and hook up your MIDI keyboard of choice for more precision.



Aesthetically, they’ve definitely got the cool factor nailed, and in terms of functionality, they present a mobile playground to any on-the-go EDM freak – considering they are operable with batteries and come with built in speakers too!





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