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In the film Indecent Proposal, billionaire Robert Redford spots luscious Demi Moore and husband Woody Harrelson. Smitten, he makes Woody an offer: one million dollars to sleep with your stunning wife. Now, imagine if Woody said yes, you can sleep with my hot wife every which way for one night if you pay me 1 million dollars, all with the consequent devastating love and trust issues, I will then squander to buy a laptop that in a few years will become outdated anyway! There aren’t enough face palms in the world to convey the absurdity.

art 1That’s what the makers of the Luvaglio laptop were hoping for – people daft enough to spend a million dollars on a laptop. By an untested company with no record of previous experience in computer manufacture, which had just been registered; headed by a CEO of unknown ability and experience who then announces their first product, is a million dollar machine that anyone can get at Low Yat for a few thousand ringgit or less. Alarm bells should be ringing. London based Luvaglio unveiled the world’s most expensive laptop a few years back. Cleverly named the Luvaglio, it had a price a tag of one million dollars, and a distant second was the Tulip E-Go Diamond priced at USD 355,000.


In terms of customization, this is the bee’s knees. Any potential buyer can order the laptop veneer made with wood, suede, or leather (probably from the skin of a baby’s bottom). A diamond functions as the power button and also security. The Luvaglio laptop was first mooted in 2007. Since then there has been no credible reports whatsoever of anyone actually ordering it, or even physically owning one. Nearly seven years later, the only thing that’s clear is that the laptop is either in pre-development hell and will never see the light of day, doesn’t exist, or those who bought it are too ashamed to claim that they had.

Anyone crazy enough to actually want to purchase said machine would need an invitation by the CEO Mr. Rohan Sinclair Luvaglia (yes, the company and laptop are named after him; modest man that he is) on the company website. It doesn’t help that the Luvaglio company website itself is rather basic for a company that is making high end luxury products targeted to the super rich. It requires a password to enter of course. But some of the links are dead. The whole thing feels almost, cheap. Clearly, Mr. Luvaglio also never, ever, envisioned or cared about the explosive growth of the iPad and others of similar ilk.





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