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Over the years, watchmakers have always found the time to challenge the norms of watchmaking. Once bound by the primary role that is time-telling, wristwatches have become an essential part of our attire and are reflections of our personality. How the watch is worn, how the time is displayed, the shape and materials that are used to build the watch are all matters that are open for discussion.

 *** Article by Kogi Vijay ****

Come this season, one of the biggest names in the fashion industry proudly introduces its first timepiece collection that captures these elements. From Karl Lagerfeld, one of fashion industry’s most prolific and successful designers in collaboration with the effectual use of Fossil’s technical know-how, comes the much anticipated Karl Lagerfeld watch collection.


An eclectic collection designed to be worn by men and women, these timepieces bear signature styles and edgy designs, representing the designer’s vision. The Karl Lagerfeld watches are as unique as the visionary himself – they’re a stylistic perfection of his work, a realization of an unexpected beauty and enduring appeal that is signature to the Lagerfeld aesthetics.

Featuring seven different styles and finishes, these timepieces range from the stylishly chunky to masculine shapes to the super cool straps. The collection features watches that are clad in black steel with black and metallic leathers, pyramid stud detailing and chain details. And Lagerfeld’s signature stamp, a ponytailed, sunglasses clad silhouette adds a splash of unexpected flair to the watches. The timepieces will also be sold in limited edition boxes and an engraving on the back of each watch.


One of the most unique pieces in the line-up, which also happens to be Lagerfeld’s favourite, is the “Karl Zip”. Fitted with an exposed zipper that is fully functional, and a watch face surrounded by pyramid-shaped studs, this timepiece is anything but mundane. Zippers aren’t just a part of clothing items anymore. A fashion maestro from a historic fashion house, Lagerfeld brings the eponymous label to greater heights yet again by merging high fashion with functionality and accessibility. Rubbing his stylish aura on whatever he touches, these tickers are definitely worth your time. This new collection of Karl Lagerfeld watches are priced between RM599 – RM2,449 and are only available at Parkson Pavilion and KLCC. For more information, visit their website.

“You cannot buy time but you can get a beautiful watch to measure time without spending a fortune.” – Karl Lagerfeld




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