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Seriously, the Wiseguy considers plugging your phone into any old public port the same as having unprotected sex with a random stranger in public. You’ll never know what bug you’re going to catch…

Consider the modern smartphone. It’s a mini computer with a processor and an Operating System, which can be vulnerable to all sorts of nasty malware or even data theft.

Well, hopefully we won’t have to worry about that soon because there’s a security outfit calling themselves int3.cc that has come up with the USBCondom, an interface gadget that comes between the USB connector of your smartphone and that nasty, dirty public port that you’re about to plug into, much like your computer’s firewall.

How’s that for peace of mind?

As for public chargers, don’t be too quick to consider them ‘safe’ either. USB cables carry data as well as power, and all that’s needed for that innocent public charger to rip data off your phone is a processor hidden within its shell. It could even be configured to implant malware and spyware on yours phone, making this a huge security risk.

This useful device should be available in online gadget stores soon, be on the lookout for it.





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