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Hatyai Busy Street

Want to take a break but don’t have the dough?

Consider Hatyai in Southern Thailand.

To those unfamiliar with the place, Hatyai is located conveniently near the Malaysian border and is a very popular vacation destination for many Malaysian and Singaporean visitors.

There are many cheap n cheerful bargains to be had and the place is simply bursting at the seams with shops and street stalls selling counterfeit designer clothes, bags and accessories. These range from the top grade imitations to cheap knockoffs so be sure to bargain for your money’s worth if you don’t want to get ripped off.

The same goes for the food there and there are street hawkers along just about every street selling munchies like fried seafood (prawns, grilled squid) and other savoury snacks. Weight-watchers should definitely give this place a miss, obviously.

Thai Street Food 1

Even the current troubles between the authorities and religious fundamentalists don’t seem to deter these hardcore shoppers and the streets were simply packed with people.

When the Wiseguy visited this Thai town, he almost had to sleep on the street due to the hotels being overbooked. The Wiseguy managed to find a room in one of the seedier ‘hotels’ in town, which came complete with a few 9mm and 5.56mm bullet holes in the windows, evidence of a short gunbattle between the previous residents and some unknown people…

Hatyai Hotel bullet holes

Overall, Hatyai is a great place to chill out, shop and eat but don’t expect anything beyond that as there’s practically not much scenery to look at in the town.





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