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When you’ve got all that looks good, feels good and smells good, you’d be missing something if you didn’t have something that sounded damn good too. Why compromise on anything when you’ve got your well-appointed, fully-decked up to impress your guests, and to celebrate your achievements in life?

Presenting audiophiles, and people who just are willing to toss a fortune at damn good speakers are Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers – and just to give you a taste of what to expect, prices can exceed half-a-million ringgit – per side (that’s the price of an average apartment these days)What’s more, the brand’s official website goes so far ask viewers if these speakers are in fact the best in the world, letting the hardware do the talking.
Apparently, users are known to evaporate from merely basking in their sheer awesomeness…

Bringing these speakers to life are a host of patented technologies and specially treated components. For starters, in case you were wondering what ‘EM’ stood for, it refers to the ‘electro magnet’ at the heart of each speaker. But these are far from ordinary, with each coil weighing a massive 22kg – giants compared to smaller versions found in other speakers, and capable of generating far more force than anything that can be described as conventional.

Looks like part of a bomb/rocket if you ask me…

Another distinguishing technology found in the series of speakers are inverted dome tweeters which incorporate pure beryllium for superior high frequencies – which to the uninitiated is lighter than titanium, while sevenfold more rigid, and the only known metal which can scratch glass. Thanks to their impeccable sound reproduction capabilities, engineers have been able to put tweeters lower than ever before – to result in a more immersive sound altogether with no undesirable distortion present.

Meanwhile, helping to ensure no interference whatsoever, Grande Utopia speakers feature Optimum Phase Crossover technology, which have been a staple in the series since 1995. In a nutshell, this technology not only solves the problem of interference at the bud, but also allows you to adapt the speakers to the response curves of various rooms – allowing owners to personalize tonal balance precisely to the size of their room and its properties such as reverb and furniture.

However, one of the most unique facets of Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers are their ability to articulate – considering how much they weigh (with the heaviest model at 260kg). Not just for aesthetics, their silhouette which evokes the image of a spine also allows further adjustments to better suit the space which you place them. And, to seal the deal, they come with a fancy key for you to lock them in that position once you find that sweet spot.

I’m just going to say it…. ‘spinal tap’.

Definitely packing a good number of unique features, it’s no wonder these speakers have been all the rage among audiophiles (with a whole lot of disposable income) – and definitely deliver the goods in terms of sound-quality and that ‘trophy’ system that spot in your living room is looking for.





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