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Modern, innovative, ingenious and easy to use: these are the standout attributes of the new Chrono Classic watch, the star of the Victorinox Swiss Army stand at Baselworld 2013. This fall, Victorinox Swiss Army is launching an Internet microsite whose high-tech web technol-ogy showcases the Chrono Classic’s unique “three step” features.


At Baselworld last spring, the Chrono Classic conquered all. Now the rest of the world can make its discovery at http://chronoclassic.victorinox.com. Like the watch it celebrates, the site is modern, innovative, ingenious and easy to use. Especially new and noteworthy is its web navigation, which uses a unique parallax effect technique that allows for high speed movement through images ar-ranged in layers, creating an almost 3D effect. Its simplicity and intuitiveness make it easy, fun and very informative.

The microsite also has a video presentation of the Chrono Classic and a full introduction to the entire collection. This year’s highlights are two new monochrome originals with matching dials and bezels: “dark gray” (Black Ice PVD-treated), with a black, organically tanned leather strap or a met-al bracelet, and champagne (gold PVD) with a brown leather strap or metal bracelet.

Chrono Classic is a “three-step” watch, meaning it’s the very image of the famous Swiss Army knife on which it is based. A classic timepiece dedicated to the reading of hours and minutes, it is also a chronograph accurate to the hundredth of a second. The transition from one mode to the other is performed through a simple double click of the crown. This returns the three central hands to 12 o’clock and turns the date window at 6 o’clock into a counter displaying the zero-zero position. Acti-vating the chronograph is simple–just press the button at 2 o’clock. The central red hand then counts off the seconds, while the other two count minutes and hours. Another click stops the timing operation, and the window at 6 o’clock shows the hundredth of a second. Pressing the second button at 4 o’clock resets the chronograph.

 TIM_241616_000_S1-682x1024 TIM_241618_000_S1-682x1024

TIM_241617_000_S1-682x1024 TIM_241619_000_S1-682x1024

Even more exceptional: you can switch back to normal time-reading mode while the chronograph continues running. A double click on the crown and voila! This technical prowess is due to the watch’s Swiss Made FM13D quartz movement, which is manufactured by Soprod, a Bernese Jura company with which Victorinox Swiss Army has worked closely. This collaboration has resulted in an exclusive development: the numerical representation of 1/100th of a second, which is performed by two small rotating discs on the lower part of the dial. The display form of the Grande Date, a perpetual calendar, is another unique feature of the movement.

This technical innovation has also inspired the Chrono Classic’s design. The guilloche decoration covering both discs recalls the shape and decoration of Swiss Army Officer’s knife. Other aesthetic features also pay homage to the origins and values of Victorinox. The axis of rotation of the discs echoes to way blades fold back into the knife. The index and counterweight of the red central se-conds hand also borrow their shape from the famous multi-purpose tool. In short, and in so many ways, Chrono Classic is the synthesis of Victorinox Swiss Army know-how.




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