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Each time somebody pulls a ‘knock knock’ joke, some exotic species inches closer to extinction. Now, before you order that comical automated mallet from ACME, you might want to give the DoorBot Wireless Doorbell a try – a device which allows you to see who’s at your door via your smartphone. That said, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your study (or computer games) for those unwanted guests… especially those pesky salesmen.

Built to be durable and weather resistant, this nifty invention provides a live stream via WiFi, and also comes equipped with a night vision mode – so you know for sure it’s really the pizza guy and not that joker next door who always needs to borrow a cup of sugar or an egg. It also has a speaker, which allows for two-way communication, just in case you want to belt out all those profanities you’ve got piled up from years of being pestered during your zen time, or your best impression of Gandalf’s ‘you shall not pass!’

You brought the child… but more importantly, did you bring food?

Powered by a rechargeable battery which reportedly lasts up to a year, you can hook it up to your existing doorbell system if you want that ‘ding dong’ you’re used to, and it is easy to install right out the box – requiring no drilling and mess. Oh, and it costs just about US$200.




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