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AOC’s latest Q2963PM sure looks set to please videophiles and gamers with its 2560×1080 pixel resolution and width of 29 inches. Boasting superb colour accuracy, high light output, and high pixel density, it also comes with a white LED backlight which illuminates the screen at both its top and bottom. Other noteworthy features include multi-source viewing and chinable DisplayPort connectors – making it a versatile offering.

While gamers will most likely be the biggest fans of this big screen, its potential for work applications is pretty promising too. For one, with such a width, you can say goodbye to those clunky split-screen setups, and having multiple windows available at a glance, as opposed to flipping through tabs, and pumping out countless printouts.

In addition, the Q2963PM comes with two 3.5mm audio jacks – for output and input, and a HDMI port for use with MHL-compatible mobile devices (which also charges them during use). Allowing you to get the best out of all your media, you can adjust the screens aspect ratio to 16:9, 16:10, 4:3 or 1:1, and you have the option of making adjustments via the mouse and keyboard, as opposed to fiddling around with the buttons on the side of the bezel – a feature which makes it more user friendly.

Priced at US$800, it does come close to the price of out-going LED models. However, it is still thecheapest 29″ model out there, and seems pretty worth it considering how versatile it is.




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