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Skincare of a beauty female feet

You may have been taught never to judge a book by its cover, but it is a known fact that career women are often judged by the grooming of their nails. Founded in 2009, L amore Nail Expert has expanded into a one-stop beauty centre located in the buzzing Kuchai Lama area, which has gained quite some notability not just for their creative designs, but also for their expertise in nail extensions and pampering foot care.

Nail extensions, though pretty, serve a higher purpose than just beauty. There are two kinds of nail extension options available: Acrylic extensions are robust, longer lasting, and easier on the wallet, while Gel extensions are more natural and flexible with their designs. Extensions are highly recommended for those with stubbier, thinner nails, or for those who are prone to nail-biting, as they elongate the appearance of the nails, strengthen them, and if done correctly and cared for gracefully, can last up to one month.

Before getting the extensions done, it is important to scout around for a good nail salon that can cater to your ‘naily’ needs as without proper execution, fungus, infections and flakiness could become a problem for you. With L amore’s team of experts, you can rest assured that your nails will be cared for in the arms of their excellent nail whisperers that have plenty of experience installing extensions.

Untitled1We walk, we jump, we tiptoe, but yet we give our feet the least attention. With all that pressure to perform, we tend to forget that our feet need some quality loving too, to rid them of calluses, cracked heels, odours, funguses and so on. With Footlogix pedicures at L amore, you won’t be shy to put your good foot forward again.

A Footlogix pedicure is unlike your regular pedicures; it uses concentrated, organic-based products imported exclusively from Canada to specially target all the above mentioned foot foes. Diabetic and child-friendly, all you need is one treatment with Footlogix products to observe visible results. While normal pedicures require fortnightly visits to maintain supple feet, with the proper Footlogix treatment delivered by L amore foot professionals, monthly appointments together with the home care products are sufficient to maintain the prolonged glow on your feet, thus relieving you of unnecessarily investing time and money for damage-control.

So once you are ready to look your dazzling best, L amore Nail Experts welcome you to their pampering parlour, where you’ll be polished right up to your tippy toes!


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