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It really looks like a brick when held in one’s hand – Jawbone’s Jambox Mini which is in essence a scaled down version of the Jambox – which became a hit upon its release back in 2010, standing out among the wave of similar offerings by competitors thanks to its superb audio quality. To the uninitiated, the device is a Bluetooth wireless speaker, and comes after the Big Jambox which was released last year.

The most compact in the Jambox range, the Mini is literally half the size of the original – measuring 6.1″ by .96″ with a weight of just 9 oz. While significantly smaller, it promises no compromise on audio quality – and the bar has been set pretty high by previous models. Housed in a unibody aluminium case – the Mini has a distincively more luxurious look compared to outgoing models – which were housed in plastic.

Incidentally, this new housing was chosen for its ability to deliver the ‘ultimate audio acoustic cavity to pump out incredible sound.’ So much so Jawbone boasts that the Mini actually surpasses the volume and audio quality of 2010 predecessor, while featuring a limiter to ensure that you don’t crank the volume up to 11 and start wondering why there’s distortion.
Bunch of bricks….

Pairing with your mobile device of choice (obviously), it comes with a free Jambox app for both Android and iOS, which will allow you to create playlists and manage your music via a multitude of streaming services – making for endless hours of portable entertainment. Available in nine different colour options with five choices of grill texture, the Jambox Mini is priced at US$180 – which is not over-the-top despite a more ‘luxe’ appearance. And, if its predecessors are any guide, it should make for a pretty good portable speaker.

While labelled a ‘Mini’ offering, one does wish this Jambox was smaller still, as pretty much gauging by the pictures, you’d already have figured that this portable system will require you to have a backpack at very least. However, don’t hold your breath, its probably just a matter of time before we get speakers that pack a punch which can fit in our pockets (comfortably); you can try shoving the Mini into your pockets at your own risk, but we do quite prefer the more practical case which you can attach to your belt loops.

Mmm, leather accessory. Classy.

In the meantime, we bid you happy camping, picnicking, LAN partying, and breakdancing in the streets.





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