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After just over a year, The Impossible Project on Kickstarter, by Impossible Instant Lab, is now a reality, thanks to the success of its successful crowd-funding campaign which well surpassed its US$250,000 target, hitting US$559,232. To those who are wondering what the blazes the pictured contraption is, it allows you to turn digital pictures on your smartphone into physical prints – and for now, painfully, it is exclusively for use with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Think of it as a device which turns your iPhone and your friend’s iPhones into Polaroid cameras. That said, you might be able to start charging the queue that will most likely form behind your device a couple of bucks per-pop, considering it runs on film cartridges, and costs about US$299.

To be precise, the cradle which comes with the Instant Lab is compatible with the iPhone4/4s and iPhone 5 – and the official page hints at adding at least one compatible with an android device. Other paraphernalia accompanying the main device include a Smart Charger for its Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and film – which is the same as that used by Polaroid 600 and SX70 camera models.

As with just about anything symbiotic with Smartphones these days, the Impossible Instant Lab requires an app to do its magic. Designed to for intuitive use, the Impossible Project app manages photo scanning functions and allows you to instantly upload the images you’ve brought into the physical realm, and to promptly order more film for your toy once it runs out of ammo via the mobile shop – which we’re sure will happen pretty on your first week of un-boxing this device.

One of its most notable features is its collapsible design – making it easy to bring to events, where a device of this nature would most certainly come in handy. When flaccid not deployed the device measures 5.8″ x 4.3″ x 2.4″ and resembles a classic Polaroid, and when stands in all its glory, resembles a 19th century relic just a couple of inches taller. This, we suppose gives it that ‘timeless’ appearance.

Can’t you just see it, coming towards you on the lazy Susan at the next wedding dinner you attend?





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