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The great thing about art is that it can be produced with almost anything, as Japanese artist Takyo Kiyota proves so by using the traditional sushi rice as a form of her art expressions.


Just like the preparation of regular sushi, Kiyota first arranges the ingredients very carefully in a lengthwise manner as a long roll of sushi. This is the most delicate stage of the preparation as she has to make sure that she doesn’t exert too much force on her canvas of rice, or the whole thing could go out of shape, ruining her masterpiece. She mentions that making her first cross-section cut to reveal the artistic slice of sushi is the most ‘magical’ part of the process as she can finally see the results of her arrangement, during which she relied only on her (expert) visualization skills that didn’t exactly come with a ‘backspace’ button.




(All images above via her facebook page)


From cartoon characters and the Facebook ‘like’ sign, to Hindu goddesses and iPhones, Kiyota has gone all out in her designs, with her most extraordinary piece of work being a sushi roll that represents a different stage of pregnancy depending on where you slice the roll.

Image via fastcocreate.com


Some may call it amazing; I call it downright insane.


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