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Towering heights in the form of platform pumps in equally exquisite calf leather is coalesced with contrast pumpkin orange featuring a provocative take on the undersole with corseted detailing proving a height of sensation with the ladies. Not to be forgotten, another highlight of this capsule is the edgy clutch and wallet pouches sporting metal hardware and corseted rimmed detailing. Inspired by the edginess of All Hallows Eve, Pedro will unveil Skullified Chic a capsule finished in sleek dark forms with hints of the classic pumpkin colour and metal hardware.

PW1-25580146-Silver (1) PW1-25580146-Black (2)

The men’s collection consists of a pair of smart loafers in genuine calf leather with studded metal detailing on the penny complemented with a skullified accent on the insole whilst a wristlet pouch with similar emphasis completes the men’s range. Anticipate a sleek representation of fashion in Halloween with Skullified Chic made available in select stores in mid-October 2013.

DSC_6619 PM1-55180078-Black (1)





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