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Having a healthy head of hair is important. Let’s face it, a guy can be dressed to kill in a thousand dollar suit and still look less than desirable if he’s got a hair loss problem. And if he tries to do a comb-over to cover it up, it’s only going to look worse and quite frankly, more pathetic. It is the Wiseguy’s opinion that it is far better to shave it all off and go for a clean bald look if that’s the case. But, if this extreme approach is not for you, then read on.

(Image via Yeahgift)

Let’s look at how you can keep your hair and scalp healthy and put off that pesky hair loss problem for a few more years with the cultivation of some good habits.

1) Wash your hair daily. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, washing and shampooing your hair religiously does not cause hair loss. In fact, it helps to clean oil and dirt for the pores on your scalp, allowing hair follicles to grow properly.

2) Use non-oily hair products. Hair loss is often the result of excessive oil clogging up the pores in your scalp so do try to use non oily shampoos and conditioners so as not to add to the problem.

3) Avoid high heat settings on the hair dryer. Ladies please take note, hot air can be very damaging to hair. Instead, try to use lower settings. While it may take a bit longer  to dry your hair, it’ll be far worse to end up damaging your hair just to save on a bit of time.

4) Wet hair = Easy Breakage. Avoid hair breakage by not brushingit excessively when its wet. This is when it is at its most delicate. Try brushing or combing only when hair is dry to avoid this problem.

In addition to the above, smoking, stress and bad eating habits also contribute to hair loss so do try to make a change if possible.





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