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comboLockitron by Apigy, Inc. is the first device that lets you lock your door from anywhere in the world using any phone. Being able to be installed on your door in under a minute, Lockitron instantly shares access with your family and friends, on a temporary or permanent basis. Lockitron will even send you alerts when a loved one comes home or someone knocks at the door.

The Lockitron comes with a beautiful, functional, modern design that fastens securely over your existing lock in seconds. Even renters can use Lockitron since you don’t need to change your keys or drill your door. With the iPhone 4S or 5, Lockitron gives you true keyless entry to your home. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, when Lockitron senses you approaching the door, it will unlock for you. Lockitron also incorporates built-in WiFi so you don’t need to worry about unsightly routers or compatibility problems.

Close up shot_ON lockitron-installation

Lockitron can send you a notification when your child comes home from school or when someone unlocks the door with a key. Not sure if you locked the door on the way out? Simply check with Lockitron. Airbnb hosts can easily grant virtual keys to their guests
that are tied to the length of their stay. You can unlock your door remotely to let in a friend in to help prepare for a party.

door-knock iphone-users

iphone-invite iphone-app

 Lockitron’s iPhone app and web interface have been rebuilt from the ground up incorporating all the same features that made the original Lockitron popular. With Lockitron you can instantly share access with anyone by simply entering their email address or phone number. Any smartphone can use Lockitron. For older feature phones, you can text your door to unlock with an option monthly fee.



Lockitron is available in three finishes – Obsidian Black, Bondi Blue and Quicksilver and retails at lockitron.com/preorder






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