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We all want a body like Jillian Michaels, without having to put in the obsessive workout hours that she does. But not all of us can afford the steep gym memberships out there that come with cheap, free sodas, not to mention the time factor of having to fit gym sessions around and into our hectic working schedules. Besides, not everyone is cut out for a gym atmosphere. So what is a girl (and guy) to do? Here are a few alternative solutions for you that don’t require you to drag your tired and lifeless soul into some competitive workout hall or the other.



Okay, I admit, this may not sound like a terrific alternative next to ‘gymming’, but it is actually quite a difference. Swimming is a sport that gives you and entire body workout, minus the sweat and icky feeling, plus it doesn’t wear out your knees and joints as badly as running or jogging does. Plus, there is just something magical about the feeling of gliding powerfully through water like an angry mermaid (or merman) unless, of course, you don’t know how to swim. If that’s the case, just sign up for classes at the pool nearest you – there’s almost always a pool near you, so no excuses! (image via digitalnewsroom.co.uk)



If you’re looking to target your biceps, triceps, or other ceps without having to hit the gym, try collecting some regular mineral water bottles and filling them up with water. If you’re at an intermediate level of strength, you could replace the water with sand, and experiment with different bottle sizes. This will save you lots of money from having to buy a whole range of dumbbells, and with some useful videos from YouTube, you’re on your way to toned and sculpted body! (Image via wisegeek.com)



It is easier than you think to make an exercise buddy or form a mini sports team, and the main reason for this is, there are more people out there than you think, who are also wanting to get active. If you’re not sure where to start, try broaching the idea with your colleague(s) as they are probably one of the most accessible groups of people available to you. Don’t expect an immediate ‘yes’ as many adults hesitate to go out, especially one-on-one, unless they are with someone they know comfortably. Tell them to bring a friend along – no number is a crowd when it comes to sports, unless you’re playing ping pong (which doesn’t even count) or are sneakily trying to turn this opportunity into a date (hey, it happens). (Image via optimumtennis.net)



With online deal sites such as Groupon and MyDeal, trying out a new activity could not be easier – and cheaper. These kind of sites offer all sorts of activity coupons for a cheap price, and why not try something new once in a way to break up that boring routine? (Image via www.hongkiat.com)




Walking to Improve Running460
There was this one time where I smart ass-ly whipped out my iPhone GPS to get to a suburb I wasn’t very familiar with, and my device said cheerfully “in one kilometre, get ready to park your car. Continue to your destination on foot”. I was smack in the middle of a highway. As tempted as I was to place my iPhone on my tyres and drive over it, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe it was a smart-phone after all. Walking is one of the cheapest form of exercise as all you need are a pair of shoes, and you. If you need to go to that neighbourhood store, why not walk instead of drive? Another fun way to do lots of walking is going for a round of (window) shopping in a mall – you won’t even realize you’re exercising! (Image via beta.active.com)



Hiking is a good fun way of spending your weekend mornings productively. Quit rolling yourself into a blanket burrito and get your butt out of bed for a wholesome workout. KL has some good hiking points such as Gasing Hill, Broga Hill, TTDI hill, and so on for you to knead those calf muscles, thighs, and stamina into good shape, and after that, you could take a walk to your nearest mamak or kedai kopi to energize and possibly treat yourself just a little. (Image via lisalessingcounselor.wordpress.com)



We know it can be boring, but what if we told you that you could kill two birds with one stone here? Cleaning your home can be a good form of exercise, especially if you but your heart into it. So don those rubber gloves with enthusiasm, and scrub every nook and cranny that you lay eyes on. Before you know it, you’ll be out of breath, and your body will be feeling the blow – signs of a good workout sesh! (Image via foxnewsinsider.com)





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