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It can be frustrating when you’ve passed the point of no return on a road-trip, only to find you’ve forgotten something important. Especially when you’re going to be enjoying the countryside for days and possibly living out of your automobile, you will want to cram in as many modern-day conveniences as possible. However, overpacking with unnecessary items is no good either. Here are some essentials you should not leave for your next adventure without.

Full Checkup
Though it might be tempting to just jump in the car and leave, a full service and checkup is advisable especially if you’re going on a long trip, and will be exerting the car more than usual. In addition, make sure your car’s toolbox is complete and the spare is inflated. 

Updated Maps
GPS is awesome, and if you don’t have one yet, you should get one for your next long distance trip. Those little guys are lifesavers when in unfamiliar territory. If you have one already, make sure all your maps are updated before you embark.

Smart-devices & Car chargers.
In case of GPS failure, smartphones and tablets make for a great backup and can make searching for destinations easier with a multitude of apps designed to help you get to popular locations. Plus, if you really get in a jam, you can call for assistance… as long as they’re properly charged.

If you’re going with a group, don’t be selfish. Get everyone’s input on what should be on the playlist.

Snacks & Drinks
While bags of chips may be the most convenient, they take up unnecessary space being filled mostly with air. Go for tubes, boxes and canned stuff which will be easier to pack more of, helping to ensure nobody goes hungry on those impromptu picnics. As with the playlist, get input from your passengers regarding the food and drinks to be brought along.

Toiletries & First Aid
Paper towels, wet-wipes and sanitizer are must haves if you’re leaving civilization, and in a situation where no outhouse is available. For first aid purposes, bring painkillers, plasters, and ointment for minor cuts.

Pillows & Earplugs
Everyone needs to get some sleep on a trip. Bring sufficient pillows and earplugs for those who really need some shuteye.

What good is a road trip if you have no pictures or videos to show?





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