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Is your cat’s style starting to let you down just a little bit? Well, let this woe of yours be solved then. Have your cat keep up to your trending style with United Bamboo’s luxury cat clothing line, which they feature on an annual calendar that they price at fifty bucks.

The 2014 calendar was only just released yesterday, on the 1st of October. Not just any cat can be featured on this cat calendar, though – although this tradition first started out using cats from friends and family members of the United Bamboo team, the brand this timewent on an Instagram campaign hunt to find talented felines to feature the brand’s miniature duplicates of United Bamboo’s runway fashion – your cat had to look stylish in the clothes, as well as look great on camera. A couple of favourites that have been chosen by the brand for the calendar, include  Jasper, a part Maine coon, part domestic longhair cat, and Huxtable, a hairless gentle-tomcat who apparently will walk on a leash.

UBCc_2-655x655Meet Jasper the friendly (or possibly depressed) cat.
Image via fashionologie.com


They say fashion is unapologetic. But the look on this cat says otherwise…
Image via fashionologie.com

The next three were some models featured in the 2011 calendar:

This one’s got into the daily casual pose of catching an imaginary rat.
Image via  telegraph.co.uk
The very  red-eyes-black-sparkly-dress “vampire” look.
Image via  telegraph.co.uk

I don’t know bout you but this kitty does NOT look happy.
Image via  telegraph.co.uk

Cat crazy owners can get their paws on these ridiculously priced outfits that go up to USD 100 per piece. A small price to pay for catty style. For all those other kitties out there that didn’t make the cut for the 2014 calendar, there’ll always be the next year and the year after that. Here’s a look at what it takes to be a cat model:


So work on your attitude, groom that fur, and practise your different poses if you want to be on top!





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