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After half a century of technological advancement since the first Land Rover, the Series 1, rolled out of the factory, Land Rovers of old from the Series I onwards can still be found in operation today. It would be safe to say that each Land Rover carries with it a legacy of innovation, ingenuity, quality, and an originality that is unique to the marque.

They are hardy, standing the test of time. In 1992, Land Rover made the bold claim that 70% of all the vehicles built by them were still in use at that time. Naturally, Land Rover’s presence and involvement in historic and significant events over the past century has given the brand its iconic status. Enthusiasts have had much to look forward to as these trusty steeds continuously evolve to meet the needs of sophisticated adventurers the world over.

Fast forward to 2013, and one can instantly recognize the Land Rover marque thanks to their distinct silhouettes. With the latest offerings staying true to the principles of excellence in engineering and delivering unmatched quality, Land Rover vehicles have made their way into the lives of those who are discerning and have a penchant for adventure. And, if history is any guide, the journey has only just begun for Land Rover’s advances in technology and design. The brand continues to churn our definitive winners yearly, with the most recent models being the Evoque, the All – New Range Rover and the latest version of the Range Rover Sport.


The Land Rover Series 1 is one of the most fitting testaments to the automotive ingenuity of the 50s. Adding to this legacy, this was also the vehicle that has become intertwined with Malaysia’s history.

“How so?” you may ask. To the uninitiated, it was in none other than a Series 1 that the late Tunku Abdul Rahman rode around Stadium Merdeka in 1957, as a brand new Malaysia celebrated her independence. And, just as the declaration of independence heralded a new era of wealth and prosperity, the Series 1 would lay the foundation for what the Land Rover brand has become today – a leader in all-terrain vehicle technology. The greatest testimony to the legacy of the Defender is that it still powers on today, not much changed, but still desired by many.


The base for the Defender harks back to the very beginnings of the Land Rover brand as the first Series 1 hit the road (and gravel) in 1948. Since their arrival in Malaysia, the Land Rover Defender models have proven immensely popular among the farming community thanks to their remarkable off-road capabilities and durability. Today, the latest Defenders are equally sought after as both a lifestyle and utility vehicle.

Renowned as one of the toughest and most reliable vehicles offered by Land Rover, the Defender is as much a highly functional automobile as it is a lifestyle vehicle. The Land Rover pioneered the Command Driving Position which has become a staple in Land Rover vehicles. You can count on it to deliver superb control, visibility and safety.

Currently, only the Double Cab version of the Land Rover Defender is available in Malaysia. It comes with a host of original accessories to add to the thrill of your adventures.

Discovery 4


Delivering Land Rover’s trademark exceptional driving experience – on and off-road, the Discovery 4 comfortably seats up to seven, making it ideal for large families and those off road adventures with your mates. While presented with a comfortable, lush interior with the latest connectivity options, the Discovery 4 is the definitive vehicle for those that love to explore the outdoors without sacrificing their creature comforts. An added plus is the Stadium Seating feature which grants all occupants panoramic views of the vehicle’s surroundings. In addition, foldable rear seats and a versatile load-space allow you to configure the vehicle for all occasions.

To provide for seamless driving through a multitude of terrain conditions including grass, gravel, snow, mud, ruts, sand and snow, the Discovery 4 boasts exceptional ground clearance. It is also equipped with Land Rover’s legendary Terrain Response System which is coupled with minimal front and rear overhangs provides for enhanced maneuverability. Meanwhile, in order to help ensure optimal fuel consumption, the latest E-Terrain Technology has been incorporated to greatly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Thanks to its impeccable design and performance, the Land Rover Discovery has garnered over 200 accolades for both the Discovery 3 and Discovery 4 models.

Freelander 2


The design language of the Land Rover Freelander 2 communicates refinement and reliability. While notably smaller than its bigger brothers, the Freelander 2 does not at all compromise your on or off-road driving experience. The Freelander 2 offers a spacious cabin which ensures that all occupants enjoy a comfortable ride. In addition, its design allows for ample load-space which is always useful for longer journeys and our trips back to our hometown or affectionately called ‘balik kampong’ in our local lingo.

Equipped with Land Rover’s Terrain Response system, you can be rest assured that the Freelander 2 will tackle the challenges presented by any terrain, with the system responding and reconfiguring the engine, transmission, suspension, throttle and traction as necessary. Further enhancing drivability is the Command Driving Position which allows for enhanced visibility and better control at the wheel. Be it simple drive from point A-B or long distance journeys, you will certainly find a reliable companion in the Freelander 2, which incidentally has record fuel consumption figures to boot.

For more information, kindly visit our official website www.landrover.com.my

Images via Land Rover Malaysia




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