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Gas prices keep going up, and while automobiles today may be far more economical and leave less of a carbon footprint, it is still possible to keep emissions and usage to a bare minimum on our part – with just a little extra effort. Here are some tips to help you get more bang for your buck.

Have your tires properly inflated
In case you didn’t know, unevenly inflated tires will cause more strain on the engine and in turn burn more fuel. Always check to ensure all your tires are at the optimal pressure, as opposed to just checking individual ones that look a tad flat.

Brake Less
Braking unnecessarily causes you to put more strain on the engine, and doing so only when really necessarily can save you up to 30% more fuel.

When to kill the engine
If you’re idling for less than 5 minutes, don’t bother turning off the engine. However, if you’re going to exceed 10 minutes, turn off the engine.

Start & Go
While it might be believed that leaving the car running for a while after starting might be a good practice, but it is not necessary for modern cars and is a waste of gas. Start up your engine, and get going right away.




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