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Car theft is too much of a common occurrence. Just along the road where I live, almost every home has gone through the agony of losing a car if they are lucky – three if they are not. At a global level, car theft is more or less on the rise, especially in developing countries in South America, South East Asia, and so on. We can easily play the blame game here, but whether we like it or not, we should all first take the necessary precautions for your ride. Here are some nifty tricks that would help add security to your car, or act as a deterrent to burglars:


Window Etching

This refers to you getting all your car windows engraved with your number plate. It does not add security per se, but it will definitely make car thieves think twice about nicking your car, as to resell them off, they’d have to get all the windows of the car replaced first. However, this won’t really be much of a deterrent if they are after your car for its spare parts.(image via teknik-segala.com)


Security Tint

Security tints are a layer of durable plastic that is expertly stuck on to the inside of your windows like a regular tint, except that it is extremely tough to get through should someone try to break your window to rob you of your bag or to carjack you. A powerful security deterrent especially when you’re on the road with traffic, the security tint can be still overcome depending on the time factor, as anyone with a glass cutting tool can make the cut at the border of the window frame, where the security tint is the weakest or even non-existent, and push the whole glass through. So just make sure when your car is parked, there are no visible treasures that may tempt someone to do so. (image via christopherteh.com)


Kill Switches

This is my personal favourite pick, not because I feel like Bond everytime I say it, but because it takes brains (somewhat) to solve. Kill Switches involves fitting a switch that is connected to the car ignition, with the switch part hidden somewhere, anywhere around the car. To start the car, you’d need to first flip the switch on before using your key. And that’s not even the fun part: you can place dummy switches to send the thief on a wild goose chase, or even use a double switch, where two of these switches have to be turned on before starting the car. The downside is, the workshop that’s fitting your kill switches will be one party who’ll know your secret – unless you you fit two kill switches at two different workshops. Ha! (image via mudbuddy.com)


Steering Lock

You’d need to invest in some good steering locks if you’re serious about using them as a deterrent. The free ‘steering lock’ that came with my car three years back was so flimsy, it looked like one of those cheap noise-making devices that came from a kid’s party pack. I ended up keeping it in my passenger seat as a weapon instead (out of pity). But, there are more effective locks out there that are made out of tough stuff, and sometimes covering the entire steering wheel. Of course, you’d have to fork out more moolah for these versions, but hey, better than buying a whole new car eh? (image via dtdirl.com)



Tracking systems

A tracking system would help you find your car through GPS and GSM trackers once you realize that it has been stolen. It is a service provided by car security companies, and some even go to the extent of having choppers roam the area where your car was last seen in hopes of spotting it. I’m guessing that this part of the service would probably also chop your bank balance down to half, but still, the dedication and passion invested in finding your car is impressive. It also means that you’ll probably have to sacrifice your privilege of privacy to the company, but unless you’re high profile, you probably wouldn’t be bothered by it. (image via automobile-theft.com)


Smart Water

Now, this is a…well…smart way of marking car burglars that has been used by the Brent Police Department. It involves hooking up your car so that if entry into it is forced, it will spray out a colourless liquid of shame that is impossible to wash out for weeks. When shone with UV light, this colourless liquid will shine bright green as though Fido Dido violently sneezed all over the burglar, allowing police to identify and bring in the suspect for investigation.


Image via gizmodo.com

Of course, this chemical works on the assumption that there is a proper working police force in place, and one that knows how to play Cluedo at that – a steep inference for some under developed nations. Maybe something that would make the burglar glow in the dark instead?




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