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When you’re just about anywhere on the planet or on the road, your Smartphone works like a Swiss Army Knife – with the numerous navigation and tracking apps to help ensure you never get lost or stuck. Here are some to help you maintenance and travel:

Designed to help you calculate your expenditure on gas and efficiency, aCar uses information about your car’s make, model and year to deliver accurate results, and help to predict when you should next top-up, go for maintenance and even tax deductions if you are eligible for them.

Torque Pro
For those totally into real-time diagnostics and performance, this app requires a Bluetooth on-board diagnostics II adaptor which goes into the port located beneath most steering wheels in cars made after 2000 – through which real time information will be sent to your phone. 

Car Locator
It happens to the best of us: forgetting where we park our car – sometimes even if we take a picture of the parking lot number. With this app, you can find your way to your car via a GPS module, set off the alarm from a long distance, and keep track of how long your car has been parked.



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