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Convoying with several friends on a road trip can be fun, but often someone gets left behind and you have to go through the inconvenience of backtracking. Here are some tips to ensure nobody gets left behind.

Bring Walkie Talkies: These allow for live updates from everyone in the group without the need for phone reception or internet connectivity.

Stick in Pairs: The buddy system helps ensure nobody get’s separated from the group, and in any eventuality at least two heads will be able to figure out the directions more easily.

Wait after Tolls: This might seem like common sense to most, but often groups get separated at toll booths and the heavy traffic that follows.

Colour Code: Either tie a coloured ribbon or place a sticker on each car in your group, as it can be hard to memorise numberplates, and identify those in your group by speeding up to get a look at the driver.

For heaven’s sake, signal: An absolute must in any convoy.




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