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To depict Malaysia to an outsider, it would be impossible not to mention our country’s cultural heritages; the fragrant durian, the flora and fauna, and of course, the art of batik. Being the epitome of traditional wear in the Malay culture, genuine batik of scrutinising quality and up-to-date designs are not so easy to come by these days. Rubaq is a proudly-Malaysian batik production that fulfils this demand through their contemporary designs that were recently showcased in the Blueprint fashion event by Asia Fashion Exchange, Singapore.

***Text by Azral Hanan***

Rubaq takes batik-making personally, giving every attention they can to the detail of their original designs, colour combinations, and hand-painted processes to produce a splendorous range of custom-made batik apparels. With almost four decades of experience and commitment in the art of batik production, Rubaq is determined to map out a bright future for the Malaysian batik industry, by infusing this traditional clothing craft and adding a modern twist to the patterns and designs that fit today’s style and vogue. An effort that started out with careful research of techniques into the art, has brought them to rising fame in the local and regional scenes, with their most recent achievement being the participation in the Blueprint 2013 fashion event held in Singapore.


Organised under Asia Fashion Exchange which aims to position Singapore as Asia’s leading fashion hub, Blueprint is a leading trade show that positions itself as the fashion trade gateway to Asia and realizes business opportunities between potential global buyers and upcoming icons in the fashion industry. Rubaq, having worked its way into the category, was given the honour of showcasing their line of unique batik-wear in this year’s Blueprint event held from 16 to 17 May of this year.

The collection that Rubaq chose to showcase at the Blueprint was their latest 2013 / 2014 collection called Summer Sophistication which is defined by their distinctive collaboration of colours, textures and prints of the tropical theme. The collection is all about experiences, desires and insights to propagate batik to an upbeat and fresh tempo, while maintaining the ‘traditionality’ of it all through its method of hand painted and mixed media batik technique that is executed to reflect utmost sophistication and refinement. The bright floral motifs and texture geometrics are a result of the customary ‘ikat’ style of chanting combined with the use of rich and vibrant colours  to create this collection that fuses rustic tradition and glamour in new directions of today’s fashion.

One small step for fashion, one big step for the art of batik. With Rubaq’s collections gaining international recognition, it is only a matter of time before this quintessentially Malaysian brand reaches both regional and global success!


For more information, visit www.Rubaq.com and follow them on their Facebook page!




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