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Living in the tropics, it’s always too hot, too bright and too sweaty. So, it’s probably hard to fathom why anyone would want to expose themselves to the hot sun deliberately for extended periods of time. But for people born in regions of gloomy cold, or those afflicted with Vitamin D deficiency, or even a fetish for tans, spending time in the sun is a popular summer recreational activity. Alas, like Icarus who flew too close to the sun and melted his wax wings, too much sun can be very bad for you.

The sun generates UV (ultra violet) rays that can actually be most beneficial to us if absorbed in moderation. Our bodies use UV rays to produce Vitamin D which can fortify our bones and teeth, as well as building up the body’s resistance to diseases such as Rickets and Cancer of the colon. UV rays can also help in alleviating skin problems such as psoriasis by slowing down the growth of skin cells and delaying the outbreak of itchy skin patches.

Nevertheless, sunlight is a bit like chocolates or alcohol. It’s great in small doses, but harmful if taken to excess. Too much exposure to the UV rays of the sun can have dire consequences. First off, it’s a form of radiation which means it can damage living cells. This most commonly manifests itself as ‘sunburn’. Count yourself lucky if the only thing you get from a day’s worth of exposure 
to sunlight is cracked and peeling skin- painful though that may be. It isn’t the worst thing.

Now that the ozone layer is thinning, the strength of the UV rays from the sun hitting the earth’s surface has also increased several times. This means that spending too much time lazing around on a tropical beach paradise sunbathing with a pina colada in hand without any sort of protection will not only degrade the quality of your skin making you look older, but could potentially afflict you with a malignant skin tumour that can be fatal. That’s right, prolonged exposure to UV rays is actually a major cause of skin cancer.

So what’s a sun-lover to do? Stay indoors and turn into a pale pasty white vampire wanna be? Or go out wearing a full on ninja suit that completely covers every inch of your skin. Neither is exactly appealing to one’s beauty, health or convenience.

Elles De Mont’ Sunblock provides an alternative solution. It offers protection along with comfort and there’s no need for you to cut down on the great outdoors. Blocking 99% of the UV rays streaming from the sun, it not only drastically reduces the risk of sun burn, but also of premature skin aging. It also decreases the growth of melanin, our natural response to extreme UV radiation but too much of can make the skin look spotty, blotchy and for any pale-faces around, cause freckles.

Elles De Mont’ Sunblock offers protection from 99% of UV rays with their unique a mixture of particulate titanium oxide (Y-titanium) with ascorbic acid glucoside (vitamin C) for melanin suppression and natural vitamin E (tocopherol) as an antioxidant. It also contains anti-inflammatory and moisturizing elements.

Applying it is easy-peasy. Give it a good shake before using. Then simply squeeze a pearl-sized dollop on to your palm and then spread evenly on the area of the body chosen. The cream is non-irritable, doesn’t leave a whitish residue and is both long-lasing and water-proof. Its mild gentleness means that it can perform admirably as a foundation for every day skin care and can be applied daily in the every morning till the evening. It can also be used by both men and women of all ages.


Whether you’re someone who just loves the outdoors and happens to live in the equatorial tropics like Malaysia where the sun shines brightest, or enjoys a relaxing beach holiday lazing away in a bikini or mankini in the Caribbean or the Costa del Sol; Elles De Mont’ Sunblock keeps your worries in the shade as you and your loved ones bask in the sunshine.





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