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Road trips – some enjoy it, some despise it, but at some point in any urban folk’s lifetime, it is the inevitable solution to long distance travelling. So, whether you’re travelling for that journey back home, or looking forward to a great getaway at a great location, you might find these handy tips useful.

Pick your food wisely
tumblr_m9frxiNWIO1qdei8mDrinking and driving is a well-known danger thanks to its extensive campaigning – but so is eating. Unless you are Jedi equipped with the Force, forget pizza, burgers, or fried chicken and go for snacks that you could pick and pop in your mouth while driving, like sliced fruit, biscuits, or energy bars. While you’re at it, avoid overly starchy food and keep your meals light and frequent – you don’t want to be dozing off behind the wheel during your journey. Mixed nuts and high fibrous foods are good, sustainable, and non-drowsy food ideas you could go with. (Image via nomnompaleo.com)

Cruise away from tickets

It’s easy to go overboard and not realize that you’re speeding way above the limit especially when the roads are empty, and couple of weeks later being honourably awarded the summons in your post box. If your car has cruise control, this is the time to put it to good use and avoid those painful wallet experiences with the traffic cops. (Image via.korsgaardscommentary.com)

Allocate enough time

Unless your car has a flying feature, always add at least 50% extra travelling time when planning out your day to avoid the stress of rushing to your destination, or the disappointment from high-peak traffic. Also avoid looking at your watch too much when travelling – long distance drives are tiring enough without having to worry about being punctual. (Image via jcit.com.cn)

Get sufficient sleep

Zebra Like Cat Sleeping On A Bed
Make sure you get to bed early the night before you travel. A well-rested body is a well-rested mind. Besides, you would always have the option of leaving and arriving earlier if you feel like, or just treating yourself to some lie-in time in your burrito blanket. (Image via xdesktopwallpapers.com)

Keep your travel buddies close

Especially if you’re travelling alone, you’d want to keep all your car essentials close to you, such as your mp3 player, phone, tissue, cat (if applicable), and your wallet. While you do that, also make sure that they are out of sight towards passing vehicles or motorbikes to avoid any snatchings.(Image via sunocobeanteam.wordpress.com)

Give your body a break

No matter how energized you feel throughout your drive, don’t overestimate yourself. Every one hour or so, make an effort to pull up at a rest stop and get out of your car. Why? Sitting too long in the same position can cause you to cramp up and feel much more fatigued than expected at the end of your day, ruining what should have been a good holiday/trip. Use this time to do some neck rolls, arm stretches, and foot rolls,  make a quick pit stop to the loo or  get a snack to get you fresh and going for the next hour. (Image via fangshuicanines.com)

Mix those tunes up

We understand that when it comes to music, a ‘to each his own’ policy applies. Having said that, if heavy metal is your thing, overloading your brain with it every single second of your journey will leave your mind fatigued, and likewise you wouldn’t want to risk snoozing off to a song list filled with too many mellow tunes. Mix your playlist up a little to add some variety during your drive. Have some jazzy, soulful music on your playlist, and alternate them with some upbeat pop or rock songs of your taste. (Image via topgear.co.za)





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