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Salad Bar

Next time you go to one of those restaurants that offer you a free bowl of self-serviced garden salad from their salad bar, and piss you off by equipping you with a tiny-as bowl fit for a few cat biscuits, it’s time to exact your revenge: build a salad tower that would leave their chefs panicking for hasty refills. (Image above via http://kotaku.com)

This art apparently is called “Salad Engineering” or “Salad Stacking”, and is bringing down the economy of some restaurants like Pizza Hut in China, as the cut-throat consumers take the ungenuine “all-you-can-fit-in-one-bowl” concept pretty seriously.

pizza-hut-salad-tower-3Challenge accepted!
Via q2hoo.com



pizza-hut-salad-tower-2You’d think they were on a mission to feed the whole of China.
Via q2hoo.com


8354446aVia absolutelyfobulous.com

If you’re inspired by these images, it’s not too hard to produce. I mean, we’ve all played building blocks as a kid before, right? With a little practice and these basic salad engineering rules, you too can bring this mountain of garden salad to Mohammed:

  1. Lay a base that is wider than your peak
  2. Place the heavy stuff at the bottom first (eg: cucumbers, watermelons, etc.)
  3. When building the base layers with example, cucumbers, make sure you place the next layer of cucumbers on the joining point of  two cucumbers of the previous layer (if that’s confusing, just lay them like you would build a brick wall.
  4. Leave a cave in the centre of your structure to fill it with the tiny stuff like beans, corn, olives, and so on.
  5. Only take what you are going to eat! Remember, with every ounce of wastage, a fluffy baby rabbit dies of shock somewhere in the world.


bunnyYou don’t want that do you?
Via rabbit.org

Happy salad-building!






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