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Yes, you can now pour your cat some wine. Cat wine, they really do exist. And, I’m sure I’m not intoxicated.


Via Kotaku

A company in Japan called B&H Life has manufactured wine for your feline friends (because plain catnip isn’t going to cut it anymore). Known as “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” (“nyan” is Japanese for “meow”), this bubbly is made from Cabernet grape juice with a little Vitamin C and catnip mixed in it; and it’s a non-alcoholic beverage. Now this seems like great news for the crazy cat lady as she can celebrate Christmas and birthdays with her cat!

Nyan Nyan Nouveau is on sale via B&H Life’s, and costs 399 yen (US$4) for a 180ml bottle and is limited to only 1,000 units.

Yo, Grumpy Cat, can we see a smile on your face now? No? Well, alrite.


Even this didn’t do the trick. What makes you think the wine would work on me?

Via metro




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