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Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, off the coast of Ozu City in Japan’s Ehime Prefecture to be precise, evacuees of World War II took refuge with their pets in the small little island of Aoshima, barely a mile wide in mass. Then, World War II came to an end, and everyone fled the island in glee, leaving their pets behind.

Today, the island is populated by 15 retiree residents and a community of cats. How many? Oh not much, only about a hundred or so.

In case you didn’t know, cat’s are a big deal on the Internet.
But an even bigger deal if they have their own damn island.
Via catster.com


aoshima02Via rocketnews24.com

201210052053441Via dramafever.com

Now that the island has been discovered, dozens of cat-loving tourists are now flooding in and out of the island to catch a moment with these fuzzy felines that spend their day busking in the warm afternoon sun, exploring the abandoned homes of the island, or strolling on the car-less streets of Aoshima like a cat with two tails.

Cats. Cats everywhere.
Via rocketnews24.com

And naturally, this kitty paradise is soon going to be turned into a money making machine, meaning that the folks who have chosen to reside there in peace would probably be driven batty by the cat-crazy tourists whom most likely will be meowing awkwardly at the animals whom couldn’t give two rat’s asses themselves. On the plus side though, this means better hygiene, care, and  provisions for these furry creatures. Yay!

Although I do wonder how they will manage giving 100 cats a bath. Good luck!

cat-bathing“Nooooo! Bath baaaaaaad!”
Via infinitecat.com




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