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With seasonal cheer right around the corner, Industry warmly embraces the Christmas spirit by featuring attractive new pieces for your home and workplace. Add character to your hearth and home this Christmas with quality tables, chairs, stools, cupboards, racks and many more crafted from among other things, reclaimed fishing boats and even old trucks. Old doesn’t mean throw-away. Industry is proud that many of its fine furniture products come from up-cycled high quality materials that have been proven to stand the test of time.

***Article by Azral Hana***


Industry is all about enhancing residential and office décor with interesting standout furniture designs that add a certain character and whimsy to your surroundings. Along with their specially carved teak and mango wood tables and consoles, you can also avail yourself of their latest offering, the Billboard table, a perfect conversation piece with family friends feasting together over dinner with turkey and pudding.

Bring some seasonal flavour in your festive lighting with Industry’s retro filament bulbs that provide an atmospheric glow that is evocative of Old Victorian gas lamps. Each is handmade to preserve that authentic vintage quaintness, whilst at the same time imbuing your ‘silent night’ with Dickensian charm.


Industry also produces faithful recreations of vintage models such as the Tolix chair. Available in a wide range of colours, its retro style feel harkens to the mod 60s era. Then there is the old school orange bar stool, as well as other chairs and stools made from colourful discarded oil drums of various oil brands for that alternative bum parking experience.

Other whimsical accompaniments provided by Industry to accessorise your home include block shaped stationery cups that come in various tones from white to pink. There are also clocks made from up-cycled wood, wall art made from metal with a choice of motivational sayings, and formal designs – one featuring a bookcase or library looks pretty appealing. All in all, the range of their catalogue is impressive and always growing with something for everybody.

Industry crafted objects make wonderful gifts for your friends and loved ones. The genuine care that goes into making each piece along, with the enduring qualities of the material, easily reflects the love and eternal bonds that are celebrated during Christmas time.



For more information, follow them on their Facebook page.




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