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We’ve all had (and hated) those moments where we’ve underestimated the temperature of the hot cup of beverage in front of us, only to end up scalding our tongues and not tasting properly for the next few days. In fact, a well-known lawsuit against McDonalds was based around this, as a woman scalded herself with her cup of purchased hot coffee.

Now with this gadgety Smart Mug designed by Evita Krumina, you’ll know exactly when to take the first sip after brewing that boiling hot mug of coffee or tea. The LED light indicator lets the drinker know if the drink in the mug is too hot, ideal, or too cool for consumption. The best part is, no batteries are required! The Smart Mug takes the energy generated by the heat  of the drink using a heat-perceiving sensor, and translates the energy into the LED lighting indicator, which makes it pretty safe to use while being environmentally friendly. What more could we ask for?





All the Smart Mug needs now is some funding for production, so that we can all enjoy our beverages without compromising our tastebuds. Visit their Kickstarter page here to find out more!


All images via Kickstarter.com




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