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Sometimes, creepy men follow you. It happens. When you’re walking in the dark to your car parked a mile away, even an innocent sparrow can seem like a mass-murdering crow. Well, we hardly blame you – taking a look at the drastically rising crime rate as of late, everything can be, and should be suspicious. So if you’re one who takes too many walks alone, or are generally worried about your safety now and then, keep calm and use these apps.


Program your friends and family in this app, and should you get into trouble, a tap on the emergency button will contact them and let them know your GPS location. You can also use bSafe to trigger a fake call on your mobile, in case you need to get out of sticky spots, or set the app to give live feeds of your location to your friends and family, during your lonely walk through that shady neighbourhood.



This app works as a crime deterrent as well as a safety app. When you feel like you’re in a dangerous situation, arm your iWitness, and it will start emitting a blinking light from your phone, indicating to any potential perpetrator that your phone is armed. If any incident takes place, just tap the screen of your phone. iWitness will then start an audio and visual recording of the incident, your phone will emit a loud alarm, the authorities will be called, and a text message will be sent to 6 chosen contacts of yours alerting them of the incident.


Guardian Safety Net

With the cliché symbol of a guardian angel as its app icon, this app creates a community of, well, guardians, among your own trusted contacts. Once you and your contacts sign up for Guardian, just a tap on your screen will alert your trusted contacts around you, sending them your location so that they can come to your aid. Whether you’re in trouble, or are feeling suddenly faint and unwell, this app is useful, practical, and best of all, free.


Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me
Developed by a victim of a near-kidnap herself, this app is designed for your loved ones to watch over you while you’re doing any activity, whether it be going for a job, taking a cab, or walking to the train station. Just let Watch Over Me know what you’re up to, and if you fail to check in after your activity, the app will send an alert via SMS, email, or Facebook, provide your emergency contacts with your current GPS location, and start video and audio recording so that your loved ones know what’s going on.




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