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Young feet and Miley Cyrus have one thing in common; they can easily go bad as they grow up. Our feet are the foundation to our lives and sometimes even careers as we progress into adulthood. As a victim of a painful bunion myself, I recall in my younger days having to stuff my big feet into these pointy “standard-sized” shoes only to suffer the effects of it later in my adult years. When it comes to Pasitos Malaysia, though, the common adage ‘One-size fits all’ is a notion that they consciously throw out the window.

Pablosky boys and GirlsWith a newly opened branch in Publika Shopping Gallery, Pasitos understands the need for appropriate and customised footwear for the little ones. Bunions, low arches, and calluses are among some of the deformities that are caused by inappropriate footwear during the growing stages, and some of these deformities may even require surgery later in adulthood. Inspired by how a child starts to walk, Pasitos, which translates to ‘little steps’, offers a range of affordable Spanish shoe brands that cater to regular ‘kiddy’ walking to specialised toeshoes for gymnasts and ballerinas.

As you step into the wooden floorboarded store of Pasitos with an eye-catching yellow and blue themed décor, the first thing you might notice is the crazy selection of shoes available for the young ones, (some even with matching adult pairs) but what sets Pasitos further apart from its competition is their excellent quality of service and attention that they invest in their patrons. Before trying on any shoe, every foot, whether young or old, is measured by a trained shoe fitter to check on the arch of the foot before proceeding to a recommendation of the type of footwear that should we worn by the customer.


One of the well-known brands housed by the store is Pablosky, a footwear brand that specialises in shoes for children and teenagers. These shoes follow the Pablosky system, which aims on providing optimal support in every shoe by focusing on these features:

Toe Cap Reinforcment – Protects the most sensitive part of the foot, the toes.
Interior heel stiffening – Stabilises the heel and prevents it from twisting when walking.
Sole – Anti-slip rubber soles for maximum grip and security during movement.
In Sole – Keeps feet dry and prevents growth of micro-organisms.
Gulliver, Crecemos by Esbabi, Chiquitin, Calzamedi, Russe, Garvalin, are among the other established brands of shoes that are offered in Pasitos. These shoes all specialise in arch, bridge, & heel support, orthotic-based designs that ail proper foot development, and well fitted school shoes and toeshoes for the young – all while being acceptably stylish and fashionable. Most of the shoes are made from goat skin leather, which is an ideal material suited for children as it is more hardy, requires less maintenance, while being exceedingly durable toward humidity and sweat – perfect for the typical Malaysian kid!

By Nisha



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