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The Glenlivet Guardians

The Glenlivet today launched the Malaysian leg of its worldwide whisky tasting tour where whisky enthusiasts the world over have been invited to join the ranks of these illustrious few and select its next limited edition.


The exclusive tasting event kicks off a campaign where three unique whiskies, created from the distillery’s exceptional cask collection, are being offered for delectation and debate. Fans of this iconic Speyside malt from the four corners of the world will come together to sample, savour and select their favourite to become The Glenlivet’s next limited edition, The Guardians’ Chapter.

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Each event is hosted by Brand Ambassadors who have attained the rank of Guardian. In Malaysia, professional sommelier and The Glenlivet Guardian Lionel Lau will play host for the sessions.

“Malaysia is one of the largest consumers of whiskies in the world and we are seeing the growth of a more discerning group of aficionados which has in turn lead to an increased interest in Single Malt whiskies. Having The Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter in Malaysia is recognition of the growing sophistication of the local palette for single malt whiskies of discerning quality.” said Terence Ong, Managing Director, Pernod Ricard Malaysia.

During the sessions, select members of connoisseurs and supporters from the local single malt community of The Glenlivet, will choose between three possible expressions, Classic smoothness and enduring excellence… A passion for Exotic spice and enigmatic richness…Or a Revival of past sweet styles, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist.


Each of the three exceptional single malts has been hand-crafted by The Glenlivet’s Master Distiller, Alan Winchester who comments: ‘I’m delighted to be inviting Guardians to create a piece of history and add to The Glenlivet legacy. Drawing on their expertise, passion and enthusiasm I hope they will enjoy collaborating with us to create The Guardians’ Chapter.”
Whisky fans can also connect and discuss their passion for the very best in whisky and beyond via an online forum at http://www.TheGlenlivet.com where they are invited to explore and expand their connoisseurship within popular culture, design, technology and style, inspired by good taste.

Tasting Glasses

Becoming a Guardian will not only allow you to take part in the immersive Guardians’ Chapter tasting experiences, it will also unlock an unrivaled and exclusive range of events, experiences, products and downloads. Simply visit: http://www.TheGlenlivet.com to join.

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