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An evening of adrenaline pumping dance music fuelled by the potent pedigree liquid refreshment of Johnnie Walker’s world renowned whisky’s was had by all when the brand launched its latest club night race series Circuits Night Korea.

Image 5

The place to be was the Butter Factory in KL. As patrons made their way inside they were greeted by the sight of three ‘Striding Man’s in their distinctive golden hue, the iconic Johnnie Walker logos dominate the venue and form a brilliant backdrop to the night of extravaganza that was to follow. Celebrities and guests danced and partied under the golden lights while around them luxurious gold and black furnishings form the overall décor, evoking the Johnnie Walker brand colours.

Image 4(a)

In keeping with the Korean connection, there was a sumptuous display of motion and pedigree as dancers garbed in traditional Korean wear presented the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Limited Edition bottle to rapturous applause. Complementing the Korean themed attire of the fan-waving dancers, the Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassadors that were on hand were also suitably arrayed in multi-coloured Korean inspired corsets.

Also making its debut with a robust yet zesty taste was the “Circuit Night” cocktail specially blended for the occasion. Sipping the new cocktails alongside the smooth creamy texture of the inimitable, the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, The Celebration Blend flavour, guests were further indulged with some auditory entertainment. They got to sample some beats from the Korean music scene. Celebrated Korean DJ Show was flown in especially to bring some enhanced K-vibes as she enthralled dance goers with K-pop and EDM mixes.

Image 6(b)

Thumping and gyrating along with fans and patrons were a who’s who of Malaysian celebrities and socialites that made this night a sensation to savour. It’s all about sharing and enjoying the Johnnie Walker experience.Mingling among the exuberant throng were the snazzily dressed and always hip Circuit Nights Ambassadors that included stalwarts Jeremy Teo, Venice Min, Leng Yein and more. Their presence and charisma all helped to make this spectacular first night another Johnnie Walker success that truly bodes well for future club night race events.

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