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Picture Jarvis strapped onto your wrist – just without the sarcasm. That’s how much brands like Suunto have redefined the wristwatch industry, tracking far more than just time. While timepieces can be a symbol of wealth and class, Suunto’s creations abandon all such pretences, only focusing on the daring thrill-seeker and the passionate athlete through their Core and Ambit2 range which offers the luxury of tabulating every aspect of your workout, from your footpath to your heart rate.

Appealing to sports enthusiasts since 1936, Suunto has long become a brand name synonymous with active lifestyles, attracting its client base who consist mostly of adrenalin junkies with its superbly advanced wrist gadgets that some would hesitate to label as merely ‘watches’. Covering the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, this Finnish brand has pushed the boundaries and mental stereotypes of horology to create revolutionary designs like no other. Here we review two watches by Suunto that is about to be launched, the Suunto Ambit2 S White and the Suunto Core Brushed Silver.

Suunto Ambit2 S White


It’s sporty, it’s smart. But the first word that popped into my head when viewing this new white version was ‘friendly’. With the horde of multi-functions that this watch holds, it is not overeager to prove them at first glance by being too in-your-face about it. Simple and clean in design, the pure white theme of this watch gives it sort of a trendy outlook that can easily blend in with the casual style of a sportsperson off hours.

Feature wise, think of the Ambit2 S as your fellow sports training buddy that is game to go for a round anytime you are. Equipped with the basic outdoorsy functions of a GPS, altimeter, and a compass, the main focus of the Ambit2 S, however, is in the amazing depth of the triathlon training features. Running, cycling and swimming are the three main sporting activities covered

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by the Ambit2 S, and it has the capacity to calculate your heart rate during these activities using its built-in detector on the watch itself, along with your pace, distance, speed, stroke count & lap count (swimming), cadence & bike power (cycling), and your navigation tracking throughout your runs / marathons.

The tech specs don’t just stop there. The Ambit2 S continuously expands its functionality with access to over 1000 apps on the Suunto Apps database for outdoors and training, of which 50 apps can be preloaded into the watch at a time. And if all that is just not enough for you, combine the Ambit2 S with a Suunto Heart Rate belt to unlock a whole number of heart rate monitoring features in this wrist piece or connect the Ambit2 S with the extensive online application at http://www.movescount.com to utilize some of its advanced analytic features by pulling the data that has been stored in the watch itself. If that’s not genius, I don’t know what is.

Suunto Core Brushed Silver


To call the Suunto Core Brushed Silver a navigator would be an understatement – with a built-in altimeter, barometer, digital thermometer, digital compass and a weather trend indicator, the Suunto Core Brushed Silver is a must-bring companion to pack along before you take on that great journey outdoors.

Where you see promising skies, the Suunto Core may spot an oncoming storm. The solid accuracy and smart functionality of its barometer measures the difference between air pressures, thus providing the user with forecasts of weather that you’d want to avoid or encounter. This includes spot-on predictions of sunrise and sundown times to enable the nature wanderer to plan their journey more efficiently.

The Suunto Core also works intuitively, switching between functions as and when it sees fit. Dive into a pool of water and the Suunto Core will automatically adopt the Snorkelling mode, measuring the depth of your underwater exploration of up to 10 meters. A pause between rock-climbing will switch the device to weather tracking mode. Its capacity to detect up to 30,000 feet in height also makes the Suunto Core an asset for mountaineering, with features that measure your current elevation, how high you’ve climbed, and provides a comprehensive statistical analysis on your entire climb once you’re done.

The Suunto Core Brushed Silver is the latest design in the Sunto Core series which features a rather suave design for a watch pact with such hi-tech goodness. The dot matrix display beneath the mineral crystal glass of this gadget is one of the signature looks of this series which enhances the visibility under most types of light that one might stumble across both indoors and out. It’s just a pity that it can’t also produce a cup of coffee on-the-go. But hey, we can’t have it all, no?

So, if you’re the type to embark on frequent adventures, or just love to collect a neat contraption such as the sporty Suunto Ambit2 S White or the venture-driven Suunto Core Brushed Silver, you can stop drooling just about now and head over to http://www.suunto.com to check out the full list of specs or get one for permanent keeping.


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